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Revealing the Plan You Created for this Life Before You Incarnated

What is Your Prebirth Lifeplan?

Before this lifetime, you and your spiritual guides got together and created a plan, outlining what you want to experience and accomplish in this lifetime. Your lifeplan includes: The kind of relationships you will attract -- The nature of your contribution to the world -- How you will fulfill your highest potential and express your unique talents -- The karma you want to resolve, and more.

"Before each incarnation all of the aspects of the soul's needs
and desires are profoundly studied. Since the purpose of human life
is to learn and grow, all manner of soul design is incorporated with
great creativity into the projected human birth. The workshop of each
lifetime must be designed to create the optimum environment for learning.
The plan is perfect... the design is exquisite."
~ Emmanuel's Book

What is Prebirth Lifeplan Astrology?
JM Birthchart

Unfortunately, most of us forget our lifeplan when we are born. But fortunately, your lifeplan is encoded in your birth-chart. Therefore, your birth-chart can serve as a reminder of your plan - a map to help you travel your path through this life more consciously and fulfill your purpose more easily and effectively.

Like most forms of astrology, Lifeplan Astrology uses the astrological basics - signs, planets, houses, aspects and transits. But what differentiates it, is that when I look at your birth-chart, I see a different dimension of the chart, a dimension which reveals your lifeplan - what you chose and why you chose it.

You are an exquisite work of art.

Tiffany LampLike a Tiffany Lamp that is being created piece by piece, you are a unique and beautiful work of art in progress. As new sections of stained glass are added to the lamp, the more complete it becomes and the more radiant and beautiful is the light that shines through it. Similarly, as you fulfill the various aspects of your lifeplan, the more whole you become, and the more brightly and beautifully the light of your Higher Self can to shine through you.

What are the advantages of knowing your prebirth lifeplan?

Knowing your lifeplan can help you...

• Make choices with greater clarity and wisdom.

• Discover the role your relationships, work, family, etc., are playing in fulfilling your purpose.

• Understand why the same challenging situations keep recurring, thereby empowering you to learn their lessons and move on.

• Understand why certain people have come into your life.

• Gain greater awareness of the traits, talents and gifts you are here to develop and express.

• Understand the purpose of difficult situations which may appear random and meaningless.

• Discover what you can contribute in this life.

Your lifeplan reading will also cover what is going on now in your life. I'll shed light on how your current circumstances relate to your growth and lifeplan, and when difficult situations are likely to pass.

From a recent client

"Jim! I cannot thank you enough for your work and for our session the other day. WOW! I am still very amazed. The information was really valuable... I received insight into what has been my experience, a greater understanding of the nature of my experience as it is unfolding now, and excellent guidance to flow with my experience as I am able to make decisions that will allow it to be the best it can be. I am very grateful, and I am so happy to have met someone who is as gifted and genuine as you are. Once again, thank you! And please keep up your wonderful work." ~ Jason Cole Magnon, CH/MNLP

Also available ~ Relationship Readings
For new or established relationships
For romantic relationships, family relationships, friendships, etc.

In these readings, I compare your birth-chart with another person's chart to reveal the chemistry, common ground, communication dynamics and karma between you.

Details for the readings

The cost of a reading is $80.00 for a 1 1/2 hour session

Your reading can be done via Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or Messenger Video Chat.

Please note: I do not offer written readings.

Schedule your reading in 3 easy steps

1. Fill out the Reading Request Form.
• Be sure to include 2 or more preferred dates and times for your reading.

• When choosing your preferred dates, please allow at least 1 week advance time.

• All information you submit will remain absolutely private, and will not be used for anything outside of your reading.

2. When I receive your form, I'll schedule the session for one of the dates you've submitted, and will e-mail you that information.

3. When you receive the e-mail with your scheduled date and time, the next step is to pay for your reading. Please understand that requiring payment up-front is standard practice for this type of service. Also, I do quite a few hours of preparation before your actual reading takes place. You have my guarantee that I will contact you at the scheduled time of your reading.

If you have questions about the readings before signing up, feel free to e-mail me at:

About Jim Malloy

Jim Malloy Jim Malloy has been a professional astrologer for 53 years. He was trained in 1968 at Berkeley Free University in Berkeley, CA. Over the years has done thousands of readings and has taught astrology at all levels. His readings are gentle and encouraging, and combine his astrological knowledge with intuition and empathy.

Jim is also a meditation teacher. Trained in 1973 by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, he has been teaching meditation for 47 years. He has taught meditation classes throughout the U.S. and in the U.K., and now teaches globally, via The World Wide Online Meditation Center and other online venues, including Udemy, DailyOM, InsightTimer, Mindbliss, and Spotify.

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